CCR / related recordings
This is a list in recording order of recordings that I know of and that are worth mentioning. This list is for educational purposes only.
CCR: Woodstock '69
Recording date: August 16, 1969. Label: Great Dane Records # GDR CD 8913

Tracks: 1- Born On The Bayou, 2- Green River, 3- Ninety-Nine And A Half, 4- Bootleg, 5- Commotion, 6- Bad Moon Rising, 7-Proud Mary, 8- I Put A Spell On You, 9- The Night Time Is The Right Time, 10- Keep On Chooglin', 11- Suzie Q.

Comments: This is the complete set of the Woodstock gig. 4 tracks of this set turned up on the re-release of the Woodstock 4cd set.
Too bad they didn't include the storming Suzie Q. and I Put A Spell On You. Also interesting is Bootleg, a not so often played little gem.
CCR: Fantasy Session '70
Recording date: January 30, 1970. Label: Main Street # MST 101

Tracks: 1- Jam warm up, 2- Ninety-Nine And A Half, 3- Proud Mary, 4- Travelin' Band, 5- Born On The Bayou, 6- Down On The Corner, 7- Ninety-Nine And A Half Reprise, 8- I Put A Spell On You, 9- Final jam.

Comments: This jam session with Booker T. is just great. Great version of 'I Put A Spell On You' and the jams are very interesting too. You can tell they are having fun, as they're picking songs to play on the spot.
CCR: Crackin' Up
Recording date: April 14, 1970. Label: The Genuine Pig Records # TGP-CD- 119

Tracks: 1- Born On The Bayou, 2- Green River, 3- Tombstone Shadow, 4- Travelin' Band, 5- Fortunate Son/Commotion, 6- Midnight Special, 7- Bad Moon Rising, 8- Proud Mary, 9- The Night Time Is The Right Time, 10- Good Golly,Miss Molly, 11- Keep On Chooglin'.

Comments: This set, recorded at the Royal Albert Hall in London is standard Creedence except 'Good Golly,Miss Molly', which hits you right in the face. Super version.
CCR: Recorded Live At Fillmore West Recording date: July 4, 1971. Label: Back Trax # CD 488012

Tracks: 1- Born On The Bayou, 2- Green River, 3- It Came Out Of The Sky, 4- Door To Door, 5- Travelin' Band, 6- Fortunate Son, 7- Lodi, 8- Bad Moon Rising, 9- Proud Mary, 10- Up Around The Bend, 11- Hey Tonight, 12- Sweet Hitch-Hiker.

Comments: Although the CD-sleeve mentions Tom Fogerty he does not play here. He had already left Creedence. 'Door To Door' is mentioned as 'Figure It Out' which means the guys who made the sleeve did not know what they were doing. Anyway, 'Lodi' is great because John forgets his lines and says: 'I don't know'... Great fun.
John Fogerty: Vet's Rousing Welcome Home
Recording date: July 4, 1987/December 7, 1986. Label: On The Road # GZCD 1103

Tracks: 1- The Old Man Down The Road/Born On The Bayou, 2- Down On The Corner, 3- Who'll Stop The Rain, 4- Up Around The Bend, 5- The Midnight Special, 6- Bad Moon Rising, 7- Fortunate Son, 8- Proud Mary, 9- Headlines, 10- I Found A Love, 11- Change In The Weater.

Comments: John's already legendary concert for the Vietnam vets at the Capital Center, Washington D.C. Storming versions of old CCR classics, not played for 15 years. Excellent sound quality and as a bonus 3 tracks from a concert at the Oakland Coliseum.
John Fogerty: Rock 'n' Roll All Star
Recording date:? 1985/? 1985/July 4, 1987. Label: Rainlight # Lite 001

Tracks: 1- Mary Don't You Weep, 2- My Pretty Babe/Leave My Woman Alone, 3- Let's Go, 4- Mercy Mercy Baby, 5- I'm A Man, 6- No Loving You, 7- Rock 'n' Roll Girls, 8- My Toot Toot, 9- Old Man Down The Road, 10- Zantz Kant Danz, 11- Knock On Wood, 12- The Old Man Down The Road/Born On The Bayou, 13- Down On The Corner, 14- Who'll Stop The Rain, 15- Up Around The Bend, 16- The Midnight Special, 17- Bad Moon Rising, 18- Fortunate Son, 19- Proud Mary.

Comments: Excellent recording of the 1985 TV special. 'My Pretty Babe' goes into a faster version of 'Leave My Woman Alone' which first surfaced (or rather, didn't) on the 'Hoodoo' album. 9, 10 and 11 are from a radio broadcast of the 1985 Farm Aid concert, and are also excellent quality. The remaining tracks are the same as on the 'Vets Rousing Welcome Home' recording mentioned earlier.
John Fogerty: Hoodoo
Recording date:? 1976. Label:Asylum #Asylum 7E-1081

Tracks: 1- You Got The Magic, 2- Between The Lines, 3- Leave My Woman Alone, 4- Marchin' To Blarney, 5- Hoodoo Man, 6- Telephone, 7- Evil Thing, 8- Henrietta, 9- On The Run.

Comments: John's legendary un-released album. I already have a page with all the info which you can read by clicking on the link above.