Words from an interview in BRAVO-Newspaper 1973 with John Fogerty about the BRR- Project.
The secret of the Blue Ridge Rangers

'Do Not Disturb - Recording'
reads a big, red sign hanging on the door of Fantasy Studios in San Francisco. Inside it looks like in a messy music store. Five guitars, one contrabass, trumpets, one piano, one saxophone and a drumkit are standing and lying in the room. In between - wearing a headset over his ears with a cowboyhat over that - sits John Fogerty, the ex- boss of the once important american rockband Creedence Clearwater Revival, who won the Golden BRAVO - Otto in 1970. He only meets his former friends, who went on to become producers, during Saturday baseball matches. He makes his music alone now. All alone....

"Since the end of CCR I really went out looking for new musicians", says John Fogerty, "But I couldn't find anyone on the same wavelength as me. So I learned one instrument after the other. Suddenly my musical horizon became endless. Today I can make my music the same as I hear it in my head." To check if his sound reached his fans, John Fogerty performed a little trick: On his first solo-album 'Blue Ridge Rangers', he put a photo of five musicians on a backlit hilltop, their faces not recognisable. This was John's reason: "First the music should come across, then people could know that the group 'Blue Ridge Rangers' consists of only one man... me." Before this was revealed though, 'Jambalaya' stormed the charts. Since then John Fogerty knew that his chosen path of musical - loner was the right choice.

For the new album, which he is now recording, he has thought of something new: "With my name I can't go wrong, but I have developed a new rocksound. Light, strong, but with a strong Dixie influence."

Thanks to Helmut Arnold for the article. Robert Aerts for the images. More images on the Photo Gallery page.

John Fogerty playin' steel

Rock with Dixie?? hmm. . .