Creedence Clearwater Revival
This is the story of the men from Creedence Clearwater Revival.

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Pre-Creedence years
The Creedence years
The Solo years
The pre-Creedence years
  • 1941
    November: On the 9th Tom Fogerty, the future rhythm-guitarist of CCR, is born.

  • 1945
    April: On the 24th Doug Clifford, the soon-to-be drummer of CCR, is born. The next day Stu Cook knows he must fulfill his destiny too and sees the light with bass guitar in hand.

    May: John Cameron Fogerty is born on the 28th and doesn't need to be slapped in order to scream a lot. He will make good use of this in his future career as a singer.

  • 1958
    Tom Fogerty plays in 'The Playboys'.

  • 1959
    Tom Fogerty plays in another band: 'Spider Webb and The Insects'

    September: John, Doug and Stu begin performing as 'Blue Velvets'.

    November: Tom Fogerty joins the band changing the name into 'Tommy Fogerty And The Blue Velvets'.

  • 1961
    October: TF&BV single Come On Baby/Oh My Love released.

    November: Second single Have You Ever Been Lonely/Bonita released.

  • 1962
    January: Copyright registration for the unreleased song Sandy Lou by Tom Fogerty.

    June: Third single Yes You Did/Now You're Not Mine released.

    October: Copyright registration for the unreleased song In My Memories by Johnny Fogerty.

  • 1963
    John Fogerty gets a job as picking and shopping clerk at Fantasy Records, while Tom works at Pacific Gas and Electric Co., and Stu and Doug are still at San Jose State College.

  • 1964
    After auditoning as an instrumental band, TF&BV are signed by Fantasy records, providing they change their name into 'The Golliwogs'and play beat music.

    November: The Golliwogs single Don't Tell Me No Lies/Little Girl released.

  • 1965
    April: The Golliwogs single You Came Walking/Where You Been released.

    July: Third Golliwogs single You Can't Be True/You Got Nothin' On Me released.

  • 1966
    March: The Golliwogs single Brown-Eyed Girl/You Better Be Carefull released.

    April: The Golliwogs single Fight Fire/Fragile Child released.

    John and Doug are drafted into the army.

    December: The Golliwogs singleWalking On The Water/You Better Get It... released.

  • 1967
    John and Doug return from the army.

    November: The Golliwogs single Porterville/Call It Pretending released.

    Later that year Saul Zaentz buys Fantasy Records. After discussions with The Golliwogs, they turn professional and change their name in Creedence Clearwater Revival

The Creedence years
  • 1967
    December 24: 'Creedence Clearwater Revival' formed by John Fogerty, Tom Fogerty, Stu Cook and Doug Clifford.

  • 1968
    January : Creedence signs a recording contract with Fantasy Records in San Francisco.

    ???: Porterville/Call It Pretending single re-released under the CCR name.

    July: First Album, Creedence Clearwater Revival, released, earns CCR first gold record with sales in excess of $1 million.

    August: First two singles, Suzie Q. parts I and II, and I Put A Spell On You/Walk On The Water simultaniously released.

  • 1969
    January: Second Album, Bayou Country, released, sells over one million copies, earning CCR first platinum record award. Proud Mary/Born On The Bayou, also released, first gold single.

    April: Bad Moon Rising/Lodi released, second gold single. Bootleg/Good Golly Miss Molly released in France as a single.

    July: Green River/Commotion released, third gold single.

    August: Third album, Green River, released, earns second platinum record award.

    September 17: Bad Moon Rising hits the #1 position in Great Britain's New Musical Express top 30.

    October: Down On The Corner/Fortunate Son released, fourth gold single.

    November: Fourth album, Willy And The Poor Boys released, third platinum record award.

  • 1970
    January: Travelin' Band/Who'll Stop The Rain released, fifth gold single.

    Rolling Stone Creedence cover article. Interview by Ralph J. Gleason with John Fogerty.

    January 30: Creedence jamsession with Booker T. and the MG's at the Factory in Berkely.

    April: First European Tour, CCR earns uprecedented praise and acclaim from European press and public.

    Up Around The Bend/Run Through The Jungle released, sixth gold single.

    July: Fifth album, Cosmo's Factory released, sells over three million copies, fourth platinum record award. Lookin' Out My Back Door/Long As I Can See The Light released, seventh gold single.

    July 10: Start of 'Mondo Bizzaro 1' tour.

    December: Sixth album, Pendulum released. One million copies are ordered in advance. Fifth platinum award.

  • 1971
    January: Have You Ever Seen The Rain/Hey Tonight released, eight gold single.

    The Inside Creedence booklet by John Halliwall comes out. Has 40.000 copies in advanced order.

    February: Tom Fogerty leaves group for solo career.

    July: Sweet Hitch-Hiker/Door To Door released, eleventh single.

    August 2: Start of 'Mondo Bizzaro 2' tour.

    September 1: Start of 'Second European Tour'.

    September 30: End of European tour.

  • 1972
    February:Start of New Zealand, Australia and Japan tour.

    Molina/Sailors' Lament released in Germany as a single.

    March: Tour ends, last single released, Someday Never Comes/Tearin' Up The Country.

    April: Seventh and last album, Mardi Grass, released.

    Start of the 'Mardi Grass Spring Tour'.

    October 16: Creedence Clearwater Revival disbands.
Awards gathered during the CCR years:
Top Singles Artist of 1969, Billboard; Trendsetter Award, Billboard; Best American Band; Rolling Stone; Outstanding Contibution Award, Soul Magazine; Artist Of The Year, Music Operators of America; Top Album Artists of 1970, Billboard; Top International Pop Group, New Musical Express (UK); Top Pop Group in U.S., England, Canada, Germany, France, Switzerland, Norway and Israel, Billboard International Poll; Top Gold Record Artists of 1970, RIAA; Musicmarkt Award, Golden Otto Award, Germany; Golden Clover Award, Mexico; Top Selling Artists of 1970, NARM Convention; Top Male Pop Group, Record Mirror Readers Poll (UK); Best Foreign Group, Italian Critics Poll.
The solo years
  • 1971
    April: First Tom Fogerty single Goodbye Media Man Part 1/Part 2 released.

    ???: Tom Fogerty plays rhythm guitar on Merle Saunders' Heavy Turbulence album.

  • 1972
    May: Tom Fogerty releases his debut album, Tom Fogerty.

    June: Tom Fogerty single Cast The First Stone/Lady Of Fatima released.

    August: The Blue Ridge Rangers single Blue Ridge Mountain Blues/Have Thine Own Way Lord released.

    Doug Clifford's single Latin Music/Take A Train released.

    September: Doug Clifford releases his solo album, Cosmo.

    October: Blue Ridge Rangers single Jambalaya/Workin' On A Building released.

    ???: Tom Fogerty releases his second album, Excalibur, together with the single Faces,Places,People/Forty Years.

    November: Fantasy releases the first compilation of hits, called Creedence Gold.

    ???: Tom Fogerty plays rhythm guitar on Merle Saunders' Fire Up album.

  • 1973
    Februari: Doug, Stu and Russ Gary form together the DSR production team.

    April: Blue Ridge Rangers single Hearts Of Stone/Somewhere Listening For My Name released.

    John's 'Blue Ridge Rangers' album released.

    May: Tom Fogerty single Joyfull Resurrection/Heartbeat released.

    June: More Creedence Gold released.

    September: Blue Ridge Rangers single Back In The Hills/You Don't Owe Me released.

    November: Comin' Down The Road/Ricochet, first single (non LP 45rpm) under the name John Fogerty released.

    ???: Tom Fogerty single Mystic Isle Avalon/Reggie released.

    ???: Fantasy release a registration of the 1971 CCR European tour called 'Live In Europe'.

  • 1974
    Tom Fogerty releases Zephyr National, his third solo album.

    June: Tom Fogerty single Money/It's Been A Good Day released.

    November: Dough Sahm's LP Groovers Paradise released with Doug Clifford and Stu Cook.

  • 1975
    The fourth Tom Fogerty solo album, Myopia, is released.

    February: 'The Golliwogs - Pre Creedence' released.

    March: Tom Fogerty's Sweet Things To Come as promo single released.

    July 5: Doug Clifford joins the Steve Miller Band at the Knebworth concert in Great Britain.

    August: Ruby single Judy Lee/Baby What You Want Me To Do released, first and only recording on the Ginseng label, founded by Tom Fogerty.

    September: John Fogerty single Rockin' All Over The World/The Wall released.

    October: John Fogerty album 'John Fogerty' released.

    October 18: John Fogerty interview on KSAN radio.

  • 1976
    January: I Heard It Through The Grapevine/Good Golly Miss Molly released, containing the 11.04 minute version of Grapevine on side A.

    Chronicle vol.1 double album released.

    John Fogerty single Almost Saturday Night/Sea Cruise released.

    Februari: John Fogerty single, You Got The Magic/Evil Thing released (non album 45 rpm).

    March: The John Fogerty album Hoodoo scheduled for release, but withdrawn by Asylum Records.

    April: Don Harrison Band single Sixteen Tons/Who I Really Am released.

    Don Harrison Band self titled debut album released. It features Doug and Stu as rhythm section.

    May 6: Rolling Stone interview with John Fogerty.

    July: Don Harrison Band's debut concert in Los Angeles.

    August 21: Don Harrison Band concert at Knebworth festival, Great Britain.

    August 28: Don Harrison Band concert at the Volkspark in Enchede, Holland.

    December 28: Ruby concert at the Keystone in Berkely, CA.

  • 1977
    Second Don Harrison Band album 'Red Hot' released.

    January 28/29: Don Harrison Band concerts at the Rainbow Theatre in London.

    February 20: Don Harrison Band concert at the Volkshaus in Zurich, Switzerland.

    March: Ruby album Ruby released.

  • 1978
    June: 1968/1969, 1969 and 1970 albums released by Fantasy Records, containing all the original CCR records minus Mardi Grass.

  • 1979
    June: Fantasy releases the CCR/John Fogerty single I Heard It Through The Grapevine/Rockin' All Over The World.

    October: Doug Clifford drums in 'California Gold'.

  • 1980
    October: 'The Royal Albert Hall Concert' released. The renamed version of the album appears simply titled 'The Concert'.

    December: Tom Fogerty weds Tricia Clapper. The original CCR quartet re-unites and performs on the wedding for the first time since the breakup. This would also turn out to be the last time...

  • 1981
    January: Tombstone Shadow/Commotion single released.

    May 28: John Fogerty interview on WLIR radio.

    May 29: John Fogerty interview on KKFN radio.

    August: Creedence Country album released.

    Chooglin' album released.

    Medley USA/Bad Moon Rising single released.

    October: Tom Fogerty album 'Deal It Out' released.

    Cotton Fields/Lodi single released.

  • 1982
    May 31: Tom Fogerty and the All Star Guitar Band concert at the Civic Center, San Francisco, CA.

    May: Stewart Baron album In Temperature Rising released, produced by Stu Cook.

    September: Tom Fogerty concert at Santa Clara.

    Rolling Stone interview Tom Fogerty.

  • 1983
    May 2: CCR wins lawsuit over the Castle Bank affairs and is awarded $8.6 Million. You can find the complete story at the River Rising homepage.

    May 3: John Fogerty gives a press conference in Century City, Los Angeles after winning the trail.

    May --: Doug Clifford on tour in Europe with the Sir Douglas Quintet.

    May 24: Doug Clifford interview in Zurich, Switzerland.

    May 28: SDQ concert at The Giant, Apeldoorn, Holland.

    May 30: SDQ concert at De Melkweg, Amsterdam, Holland.

    November: John Fogerty, Stu Cook and Doug Clifford reunite at the 20th reunion of the class of '63 from the El Cerrito high school at the Concord Inn in El Cerrito, CA.

  • 1984
    July/August: John Fogerty records his new album in the Lighthouse studio in San Francisco.

    September: John presents his new album to Warner Brothers.

    November: Gress Gumbel album California Republic released with participation from Stu Cook.

    December 15-20: John Fogerty records the video for The Old Man Down The Road.

    December: Listening party for 300 Warner Brothers executives for the album Centerfield.

    December: John Fogerty single Old Man Down The Road/Big Train (From Memphis) released.

    December: Stu Cook attends a supersession in San Fancisco.

  • 1985
    January 7: John Fogerty album 'Centerfield' released. Earning John Fogerty's first platinum award for a solo project.

    January 31:John Fogerty and the All Star Band concert at the Chaplin Stage in Hollywood, CA.

    February 11: John Fogerty on 'Off The Record' special with Mary Turner broadcasted on US radio.

    February: Warner Brothers and John Fogerty have to change Zanz into Vanz in the now named Vanz Kant Danz.

    Fantasy files suit against John Fogerty for copyright infringment over Old Man Down The Road and a defamation complaint over Mr.Greed and Vanz Kant Danz.

    March: Musician magazine features John Fogerty.

    Muziekkrant OOR "the whole John Fogerty Story".

    The album Centerfield hits the number 1 position on the Billboard top 100 album charts.

    April: Guitar Player magazine features John Fogerty.

    May: John Fogerty single Rock And Roll Girls/Centerfield released.

    Stu Cook starts playing for the Country/Rock band Southern Pacific.

    August: The Movie Album released. Medley From Proud Mary To Lodi/Medley From Grapevine To Up Around The Bend released. Medley from Proud Mary To Up Around The Bend/Rude Awakening #2 released as 12'' promotional single.

    September: John Fogerty attends the recording sessions for the Class Of '55 album by Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Roy Orbison.

    September 22: John Fogerty performs at Farm Aid in Champagne, Illinois, USA. Southern Pacific with Stu Cook also performs at this event.

    November: John Fogerty attends a local dance in Troy, Oregan and plays, including old CCR hits, with a local guy named Noland Murray

  • 1986
    January 23: John Fogerty attends the first Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Party at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York.

    March: Rolling Stone's readers Poll Award for Comeback Of The Year presented to John Fogerty.

    April 29-30: John Fogerty records My Toot Toot at the Master Trax studios in Crowley, Louisisana.

    June: Class of '55 album released.

    July 7: Proclamation in honor of the John Fogerty Day presented to John Fogerty by the major of El Cerrito, CA.

    July 15: John Fogerty Day in the city of El Cerrito, CA.

    August: John Fogerty single Eye Of The Zombie/I Confess released (non- album B side)

    John Fogerty album 'Eye Of The Zombie' released.

    Guitar Player interviews Stu Cook.

    August 26: John Fogerty and band start their 'Rockin' All Over The World Tour' in Memphis, TN.

    November 10: John Fogerty single Change In The Weather/My Toot Toot released (non-album B side).

    December 13: Rockin' All Over The World tour ends with concert in Los Angeles.

  • 1987
    January 21: John Fogerty attends the second Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction Party at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York.

    February 19: John Fogerty jams with George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Jesse Ed Davis and Taj Mahal at the Palomino Club in Hollywood, CA.

    March 21: John Fogerty attends the BAMMIE awards presentation in San Francisco, CA.

    Mach 23: John Fogerty single Sail Away/I Found A Love (non album B-side) in Germany released.

    June: John Fogerty attends the Beaux Bridge Crawfish festival in Louisiana.

    June 23: Duane Eddy's self-titled album released, it includes John Fogerty on the song Kickin' Asphalt.

    July 4: John Fogerty performs on the Welcome Home concert at the Capitor Center, Washington DC. with new band and plays his CCR hits for the first time since 1972.

    December: John Fogerty and band play in Austin, TX for a TV show tributing Buddy Holly.

  • 1988
    January 20:John Fogerty attends the third Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Party at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York.

    February 19-20: John Fogerty records and plays with Duke Tumatoe at DeSalvo's in Chicago, IL.

    February 25: John Fogerty attends the BAMMIE award presentation in San Francisco, CA.

    March 5: Austin City Limits TV special on Buddy Holly aired on TV.

    October 31: John Fogerty's testimony with guitar in hand to defend his song The Old Man... for not copying Run Through The Jungle at the trial in Los Angeles, CA.

    November 7: John Fogerty is found 'not guilty' by jury for copying Run Through The Jungle.

    John Fogerty on KFOG radio San Francisco, CA.

  • 1989
    Duke Tumatoe album I Like My Job released, produced and mixed by John Fogerty.

    January: John Fogerty attends the fourth Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction Party at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York.

    February 25: John Fogerty attends the BAMMIE award presentation in New York.

    May 29: John Fogerty performs at the concert agains AIDS at the Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA.

    November 26: John Fogerty performs at the Earthquake Relief concert at the Kaiser Center, Oakland, CA.

  • 1990
    January 17: John Fogerty attends the fifth Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction Party at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York.

    February 24: John Fogerty performs Ooby Dooby at the Roy Orbison (dies Dec.6 1988) tribute show.

    April 19: Rolling Stone prints John Fogerty's album Top 10 of the Fifties.

    September 6: Tom Fogerty dies at his home in Scottsdale, Arizona. His death is caused by respratory fairlure due to tuberculoses. Tom was 48.

  • 1991
    January: John Fogerty plays Proud Mary with Chaka Khan at the sixth Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction Party.

    April 21: John Fogerty married with Julie Lebiedzinski in Elkhardt, Indiana.

    October: John Fogerty interviews Duane Eddy for Musician Magazine.

    November 3: John Fogerty performs on the Bill Graham memorial concert at the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.

    ???: Fantasy Records re-releases The Blue Ridge Rangers, now titled John Fogerty: The Blue Ridge Rangers.

    ???: Southern Pacific with Stu Cook disbands.

    ???: John Fogerty attends festival in Drew, Mississippi.

    ???: Stu Cook, together with John McFee and Keith Knudsen form Beatstreet.

  • 1992
    January: During the seventh Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction Party, an exclusive photograph is made of nine guitarists: Steve Cropper, Jeff Beck, Keith Richards, The Edge, BB King, Robbie Robertson, Jimmy Page, Carlos Santana and John Fogerty. This photograph is publushed in Rolling Stone Magazine and in the sleeve of the BB King CD box.

    April: John Fogerty performs for Walden Woods L.A.

    ???: 'Sidekicks', a Tom Fogerty album recorded in 1988 is posthumously released.

  • 1993
    ???: Creedence Clearwater Revival is inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. John refuses to play with his old band mates.

  • 1995
    ???: John Fogerty wins case concerning attorney fees from the Old Man Down The Road copyright infringement. Fogerty gets his $1.35 million back.

    ???: Stu Cook (as one of 19 American bass players) auditions for the job as a bass player with the Rolling Stones. He didn't get the job but played for two hours with them calling out tunes to play even after Mick said the audition was over.

    ???: Stu Cook and Doug Clifford form Creedence Clearwater Revisited with three additional musicians and tour the world, playing Creedence songs. Without John though, who refused to play together with his old band mates.

  • 1996
    ???: John Fogerty sues Stu Cook, Doug Clifford and Tom Fogerty's widow for copyright infrigment concerning the Creedence Clearwater Revisited name and the CCR songs.

    October: John Fogerty gets a temporay injunction against his format CCR band mates. This means they are not allowed to play as Creedence Clearwater Revisted until the case is closed. CCrevisited played Amarillo, Texas, October 19, but not under the CCrev banner. They now call themselves Cosmo's Factory.

    December 24: First rumours appear concerning John's new album. A march/april 1997 release could be the case.

  • 1997
    May 16: John Fogerty album 'Blue Moon Swamp' released.

    May 18: John Fogerty begins his 1997 tour at the Fillmore, Berkeley CA.

    June : cd-single Walking in a Hurricane/Endless Sleep/Just Pickin' released in Australia.

    June 06: John Fogerty tapes a VH-1 Storytellers show, to be aired on June 29.

    June 18: John appears on the Conan O' Brien tv show.

    July: John and his band tape the video for 'Southern Streamline'.

    July 23: The court decides that Stu and Doug are allowed to use the name 'Creedence Clearwater Revisited' until the injunction is settled. Stu and Doug now perform again under the CCRevisited banner.

    August 12: John Fogerty appears on the Tonight Show from Jay Leno. He plays 'Blueboy' and 'Bad Moon Rising'.

    August 15: The injunction gets settled. Decisions on the use of the name 'Creedence Clearwater Revisited' are made by a majority vote, the court said. So, use of the name is now formally allowed.

    September: Rumours about John and his family moving to South Bend, Indiana, are confirmed.
    'Jazz thing', a German jazz magazine, awards BMS with the 'German Rock critics award'.

    October 18: John Fogerty plays on Farm Aid.

    October 18:John features in a Billboard magazine cover story.

    November: Guitar Magazine awards BMS with the 3rd place in the top10 of the best guitar albums of 1997.
    Promo cd-single of 'Rambunctious boy' released.

    November 12: John Fogerty appears on the David Letterman show (again) and plays 'Hot Rod Heart'.

    November 23: Premonition reaches Gold-Status in the US.

    December 3: John Fogerty receives a lifetime achievement award from the National Academy of Songwriters. John also performes at a benefit concert at the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel.
    John was also nominated for induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

    December 12/13: John Fogerty performs at Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank, California. These performances are taped on video and audio for release in the spring of '98. The set includes 'Rocking all over the World' and 'Almost Saturday Night', two seldom heard classics.

  • 1998
    January 6: John Fogerty gets three Grammy nominations for 'Blue Moon Swamp'

    January 12: John Fogerty inducts Gene Vincent in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He later on Jams on Lloyd Price's 'Stagger Lee'.

    January 20: News about John's new live record appears: It will be called Premonition. It will hopefully be released around the first of April.

    February 8: John Fogerty performs at the Presidential Gala for Bill Clinton.

    February 24: John Fogerty recieves a "Lifetime Achievement Award" from Gibson Guitars.

    February 25: John Fogerty recieves the Grammy for 'best rock album'.

    March 8: John Fogerty appears on the Jay Leno show and performs 'Jellyroll'.

    June: Creedence Clearwater Revisited release a double live CD.

    John Fogerty releases his 1st solo live album 'Premonition' containing one new song.

    VH1 airs the 'Legends' special, and the live 'Premonition' show.

    John Fogerty appears on the Jay Leno show and performs 'Fortunate Son'.

  • September: John Fogerty apears on the Roseanne Show. He played 'Almost Saturday Night'.

    October 1: John Fogerty recieves a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

    October 2: 'Premonition' video released in Europe.

  • 1999
    january 7: John Fogerty's 'Premonition' has been nominated for a Grammy as Best Rock Album.
    John Fogerty has also been nominated for Best Male Rock Vocal for 'Almost Saturday Night' from 'Premonition'