Site updates are mentioned here.
The news is on the news page.
  • february 15, 1999
    Updated the career page. filled in some missing stuff.

  • february 08, 1999
    I added Premonition and Recollection on the discography page.

  • february 06, 1999
    I will not mention on this page anymore that there is news on the news page. Kinda stupid I did that, don't you think. This page is for site info and not to mention that news is happening.
    Anyway, I just noticed that Premonition and Recollection are missing -how could I forget them- from the discography page so I will add them soon.

  • january 11, 1999
    New book and Revival band info on the news page.

  • january 9, 1999
    Happy new year! New Grammy nominations for John Fogerty! 'Premonition' has been nominated in 2 Grammy categories. Read it on the news page!
    This site is now also mentioned on the Rolling Stone network. I have added this on the links page and I have also updated/corrected the links.

  • december 26, 1998
    Merry Christmas to you! There have been no updates for a long time and I apologize for that. The fact remains though that there has not been a lot to report.
    It seems that some of the links on the links page have some problems. I will update that asap. But now I have to eat some Christmas food , so see you all in the next year.

  • october 12, 1998
    I've put the photo gallery back online. All pics are on one page now, I hope the page will load quickly for you. If it does not, please tell me.
    I've also added some new pictures from the Hollywood Star ceremony on it. Go check it out.
    The HD-space on my server is almost full, so I think there will be no more new pics on the gallery.

  • september 20, 1998
    Two new reviews on the Premonition tour page.
    Updated the tour page, added some 1997 in-between dates dates for completeness sake.

  • september 2, 1998
    A new look to the site to celebrate it's 2nd anniversary. Hope you like it!
    If you are having problems viewing this site, email me and tell me your browser and screen resolution.

    Some things have gone and some are new:
    • the guestbook is gone.
    • the trade page is gone. I never got a lot of requests, and most of the ads were 2 years old :)
    • the news is on a seperate page.
    • the photo gallery is temperarily off-line for a major overhaul. Just hang on.
    • the menu bar is on the main page.
    • you can always reach the main page by clicking on the main logo.

    • coming soon: a page about the gear used by John Fogerty, with excellent pictures and cool background info.

  • july 29, 1998
    Got rid of the entry form on the Guestbook page... What's there now stays there though.
    Added new reviews on the Premonition review page.

  • july 17, 1998
    Updated the concerts page. Some errors in the dates, thanks to Steve Dincau for the info. He also provided a review of a concert of John. I put that one on the Premonition review page.
    Some news about touring and web appearances on the main page. I suggest you go read that.
    I also have scanned some pics from the CCrev concert I went to 3 weeks ago. I still have to write a review but that will be on tomorrow, I guess...

    Also, check out Petri's CCR pages. It is renamed and has a new look. you'll love it.

  • june 18, 1998
    Added the 2nd part of the fantastic VH1 'Legends' show on to the Photo Gallery. Thanks Bruno Berthold.