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    september 27, 1999

    John Fogerty concert
    This info was passed onto the Swamp mailing list by Bob Fogerty:
    John will perform in The Concert of the Century. It is a "private" affair for 1,000 invited guests of The White House and VH-1.
    The performers are supposed to each do 2 songs. The house band will be Paul Schaeffer from The Letterman Show.

  • september 12, 1999

    Some news
    Long time without something interesting to report, but now there are two nice news items:

    Dana Doak passed this on onto the Swamp mailing list:
    Several of you have seen the VH1 ad for something called "The Concert of the Century" in our nation's capitol. I spoke with Darlene Schwartz today, who has learned that this concert is scheduled to take place in Washington DC on October 23rd, and VH1 will carry it. Bear in mind that plans could always change, but at this time John Fogerty is scheduled to perform backed by a house band; it appears that he will do a couple of songs. Darlene thinks the concert may be a benefit for the same organization that the "Sing America" CD supports - preserving our national treasures or something.
    So, dear Swampers, there's something to look forward to before the new millenium after all....

    This info came by us via Peter Koers:
    John Fogerty planning a 'roots' album in the mood of the 50's and the Sun Studios.
    John Fogerty and his family moved to their new home and as of August 1999 he has not yet started on his new album. The earliest possible release date for the album would be the summer of 2000.
    Although nothing is definitive yet, the next album will find it's soundroots in the fifties, Carl Perkins-Buddy Holly-Rockabilly type of songs, as previously heard on the song "Blue Moon Nights" from the Blue Moon Swamp album. John also have been sighted at the Sun studios, but it's not clear if he will record there. (Office of John Fogerty, via the Worldwide CCR Fan Club)

  • july 10, 1999

    No Woodstock III
    John Fogerty will not play at the Woodstock III festival. The date is deleted from

    More misc news
    It's Quiet, too quiet, but here are some things CCR related:

    K Wills Sterling posted this message onto the Fogerty Swamp mailing list:
    A good friend of mine just pointed me to the following site:
    There you will find two desktop themes: John Fogerty's Premonition and BMS. These come with wallpaper, icons, cursors, sounds, etc.
    When you go to the site, don't waste your time looking under "F," as they've filed "John Fogerty" under "J." The download took me about 15 minutes. You have to have WinZip or other software that will unzip the files after you download. I've only downloaded BMS so far, but it looks pretty cool.

    Bruce A Cook posted this message onto the Fogerty Swamp mailing list:
    Hey Swampers:
    There's a new cd out entitled "Sing America", on the Warner Bros. label. I believe the release date was 6/14/99, and it has 21 songs on it from 21 different artists. And you guessed it, John is one of the artists, singing "Centerfield". Although it's not a new song, it would be nice to have this collection of songs on this "Americana" cd.
    All proceeds go to restoring national treasures in the U.S., like the Liberty Bell, and whatnot. But no money goes to John, although he IS a national treasure!

  • may 09, 1999

    Misc news
    Hi everyone. The fanclub day in Maastricht was a blast! I finally met some guys I have been in contact with for some time now. I also bought the new book by Peter Koers 'Green River', the great CCR discography with pictures, facts and figures. Check the news from march 19 to get more info on this book.

    I couldn't make it to the concert of Rene Innemee & The Creedence Revival Band, BUT there is a review of the concert by Peer Bataille here. Looks like I missed a great concert.

    If you want to see some pics of the concert and of the fanclub meeting then go here. Thanks to Peter Koers for this link to his photo's.

    Petri Silmala revealed the #1 John Fogerty song on the Swamp list. If you did miss it all (why aren't you a list-member? :) ) then fear not: he will put the list up on his Electric Bayoo sometime soon.

    There is some disagreement about whether John will play at Woodstock III. Some people say yes and some say no. Until I know more let's just assume that he will play. One never knows.

    No more John Fogerty or CCrevisited news to mention. All I know is that John is taking time off of touring to record a new album. Don't ask me for release dates and such because I do not know more. The moment there is some sort of confirmation or more info you will read it here.

  • april 23, 1999

    John Fogerty to play at Woodstock III
    July 23, 1999 will be the date that John Fogerty will play at the 3rd Woodstock festival. He is the only artist performing there who actually played at the first edition of this festival.
    Taken from the John Fogerty page.

  • march 19, 1999

    New CCR discography
    On May 1, 1999 the book, "Green River, The illustrated Discography" will be published.This book (in English and German language) of over 300 pages in black and white, hardbound cover, A4 sized (circa 8" x 12" will contain circa 900 photos of covers from CCR and solo recordings, including sleeves from exotic countries as Thailand, Israel, Iran, Turkey, India, to name just a few.It will also contain some 30 larger CCR and John Fogerty photos, included in a "day by day" biography. The price will be approx. DM 70,- ( 70 German Marks.) If you are interested in this book, there is no ISBN number yet, you can directly contact the publisher, who will take orders in advance.Please write to:

    Star Cluster Verlag
    U. Zimmermann
    Postfach 1421
    58802 Balve
    Tel: ++02375 - 910164
    Fax: ++02375 - 910165
    To:Star Cluster Music homepage

    Thanks to Peter Koers for the info.

  • february 25, 1999

    No Grammy this year.
    John did not win a Grammy this year. 'Best Rock Album' went to Sheryl Crow and 'Best Vocal' went to Lenny Kravitz.

  • february 15, 1999

    John at Larry King on CNN.
    Anyone missed John at Larry King on CNN, Jan. 30th,1999? A transcription of the show is at the CNN- Website: CNN. Search for Fogerty!
    Thanks to Ralf for the info

  • february 09, 1999

    New tribute CD.
    There's a new CCR tribute album out called "Throwing Nickels: A CCR Tribute" out on URININE Records. Visit:
    Thanks to Peter Koers for the info.

  • february 05, 1999

    European Fanclub day.
    This was posted on the CCR Fanclub mailing list:
    Hello everybody,
    When everything works the way we plan, the fanclub will celebrate a fanclubday on Saturday, May 1, 1999 in or near Maastricht, Holland. The day before Rene Innemee and his Creedence Revival band wil play in Maastricht. For those who want to see that concert, we have tickets available too. Nothing have been definately planned for the fanclubday, so if you have any suggestions or ideas for this day, let 'em roll...
    And, are you coming? Reply through private mail please.
    Robert Aerts - Wil Dumont - Peter Koers

    We all had a blast last time we had this fanclub day. And the Revival band rocks so it looks like I have to head south again! :)

    John Fogerty tribute CD.
    I got a CD from Johnny Deal in the mail last week, and I was pleasantly suprised when I listened to it. It contains 12 CCR and JF classics done by Johnny and his band. Good cover versions, keeping close to the originals. Note that this is a fans tribute to John and therefore it is not available in the shops. Mail Johnny privately if you are interested...
    All I can say is: Highly recommended.

    TV appearances.
    John Fogerty's "Hard Rock Live" appearance will be on Veronica Dutch TV, february 18.
    Thanks to Pluut Bataille for the info

  • january 19, 1999

    TV appearances.
    John Fogerty will perform on The Tonight Show, this Tuesday January 19th. Also John will appear on Larry King Live January 30th.

  • january 11, 1999

    New book about Creedence announced.
    Good news. A new book about CCR is anounced. Full details in the text below. 'Oral History' so I guess the book is based on or contains lots of interviews.

    Up Around the Bend: The Oral History of Creedence Clearwater Revival
    Craig Werner
    ISBN: 0380801531
    Publisher: Avon Books
    Paperback, 240 pp.  List price: $13.50.
    Available from Barnes and Noble (and apparently amazon) online for $10.80.  Publishing date is given by B&N as February 2; they promise to ship as soon as it arrives.
    Thanks to KW Sterling for the info

    I'm sorry, but I totally forgot to add the (also) new book about CCR by Hank Bordowitz called 'Bad Moon Rising, the unofficial history of CCR'. I don't have the details here with me but you can look it up at

    For the Dutch, German and Belgian fans:
    The Creedence Revival Band plays again:
    January 17th in "de Steeg", St. Catherinastr. 16, in Leunen.
    January 25th (monday, yes) in the marquee in Stein.
    Also May 7 (Papenhoven) and 22 (Kanne) are for sure.
    Perhaps also May 14th, but about these I inform you later and/or by Robert Aarts' homepage.
    Hope to meet you again.

    The Creedence Revival band is a cover band featuring Ray Iminee (from the Walkers) and they are VERY good. Go see them if you can find the time.
    Thanks to Wil Dumont for the info.

  • january 9, 1999

    Grammy nominations for Premonition!!
    Premonition has been nominated for a Grammy as Best Rock Album.
    John has also been nominated for Best Male Rock Vocal for Almost Saturday Night from Premonition

    My congratulations to John and let's keep our fingers crossed.

  • september 17, 1998
    The Premonition video has been available in Denmark since John's concert in Copenhagen, Sept 2. Other european countries should follow soon.

  • september 2, 1998
    John Fogerty will be making an appearance on the new Roseanne show sometime this month.

    John will receive a star on the hollywood walk of fame on October 1.

  • july 17, 1998
    John Fogerty will perform solo shows in Australia in November.

    Dates are:
    Nov 12 - Sydney Entertainment Centre
    Nov 15 - Brisbane Entertainment Centre
    Nov 18 - Melbourne Park
    Nov 21 - Adelaide Entertainment Centre

    Tickets go on sale Monday July 27
    Thanks to Jukka Leino for the info!