• may 27, 1998
    Some European Premonition info:
    The new live cd is released on May 29, so start harrasing you local CD store now! This friday is Premontion day. I'm not sure about the US date, but it seems to be a world-wide change in release date.
    [thanks to Louis Vendel for the info]

    I read this little info by Dana Doak on the Swamp list:
    The May 22nd issue of Radio & Records magazine reports some stats that look quite promising for radio play of John's song "Premonition". Reporting for essentially the first week of the song's release to radio, it is the MOST ADDED track on both the "Adult Alternative Tracks" chart and the "Adult Alternative Albums" chart (25 out of the 40 adult alternative format stations surveyed for those charts added the song this week). Also it is the second most added track on the "Rock Top 50" chart. 33 out of the 83 rock format stations surveyed added it. (Aerosmith's "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" beat it with 62 station adds.)

  • may 17, 1998
    Audio samples available:
    Now up at John Fogerty - PREMONITION site:  AU & RA samples of each track. Check it out.

    These are the latest dates from the Reprise website. Check your local ticket salespoint for info and confirmations!

    06/12/98 Tinley Park IL New World Music Theatre
    06/13/98 Noblesville IN Deer Creek Music Center
    06/15/98 Milwaukee WI Marcus Amphitheatre
    06/16/98 Minneapolis MN Northrop Auditorium
    06/18/98 Clarkston MI Pine Knob Music Theatre
    06/19/98 Burgettstown PA Star Lake Amphitheatre
    06/21/98 Darien Center NY Darien Lake P.A.C.
    06/22/98 Toronto ON Molson Amphitheatre
    06/24/98 Scranton PA Montage Mountain
    06/25/98 Wantagh NY Jones Beach Amph.
    06/27/98 Holmdel NJ P.N.C. Bank Arts Center
    06/28/98 Wallingford CT Oakdale Theatre
    06/30/98 Mansfield MA Great Woods Center
    07/02/98 New York NY Radio City Music Hall
    07/03/98 Atlantic City NJ Trump Marina
    07/05/98 Saratoga Springs NY Performing Arts Center
    07/07/98 Philadelphia PA Mann Music Center
    07/09/98 Virginia Beach VA Virginia Beach Amphitheater
    07/10/98 Bristow VA Nissan Pavilion
    07/19/98 Atlanta GA Chastain Park Amphitheatre
    07/21/98 Richmond VA Classic Amphitheatre
    07/22/98 Charlotte NC Blockbuster Pavilion
    07/25/98 West Palm Beach FL Coral Sky Amphitheatre
    07/29/98 Knoxville TN World's Fair Park
    07/31/98 Antioch TN Starwood Amphitheatre
    08/01/98 Little Rock AR To Be Announced
    08/03/98 Woodlands TX C.W. Mitchell Pavilion
    08/04/98 Dallas TX Starplex Amphitheatre
    08/06/98 Morrison CO Red Rocks Amphitheatre
    08/08/98 Woodinville WA Chateau Ste. Michelle
    08/09/98 Eugene OR Cuthbert Amphitheater
    08/11/98 Portland OR River Queen Showplace
    08/13/98 Fresno CA To Be Announced
    08/14/98 Berkeley CA Greek Theatre
    08/15/98 San Jose CA To Be Announced
    08/17/98 Chula Vista CA Coors Amphitheatre
    08/19/98 Los Angeles CA Greek Theatre
    08/20/98 Los Angeles CA Greek Theatre

    there are also rumours about these dates in September:
    4 -  Malmoe
    5 -  Gothenburg
    11- th Stockholm.
    But these are not confirmed!

  • april 17, 1998
    Again info from Thomas Pheiffer, but now about the imminent release of the double live CD from Creedence Clearwater Revisited:

    Just got the songs, which will be on the fouthcoming double-CD of Creedence Clearwater Revisited. The CD will need three or four weeks to appear in the shops.

    CD 1:
    1) Born On The Bayou
    2) Green River
    3) Lodi
    4) Commotion
    5) Who'll Stop The Rain
    6) Suzie Q
    7) Hey Tonight
    8) Long As I Can See The Light
    9) Down On The Corner
    10) Lookin' Out My Back Door
    11) Cotton Fields

    CD 2:
    1) Tombstone Shadow
    2) I Heard It Through The Grapevine
    3) The Midnight Special
    4) Bad Moon Rising
    5) Proud Mary
    6) I Put A Spell On You
    7) Fortunate Son
    8) Have You Ever Seen The Rain
    9) Travelin' Band
    10) Run Through The Jungle
    11) Up Around The Bend

  • april 15, 1998
    I got this 'Premontion' info from Thomas Pheiffer from Germany: thanks bud.

    Hi friends,
    My information is, that this album will appear in Germany on June, 2nd. The video will be in the stores two or three weeks later. Advertising will be low, because Warner Europe do not believe in a great number of sales. (Because it is a Live-CD).

    'Premonition' will appear with the following songs:
    1) Born On The Bayou
    2) Green River
    3) Suzie Q
    4) I Put A Spell On You
    5) Premonition
    6) Who'll Stop The Rain
    7) Almost Saturday Night
    8) Rockin' All Over The World
    9) Down On The Corner
    10) Joy Of My Life
    11) Centerfield
    12) Swamp River Days
    13) Hot Rod Heart
    14) The Old Man Down The Road
    15) Bad Moon Rising
    16) Fortunate Son
    17) Proud Mary
    18) Travelin' Band

    Except 'Premonition' no other new songs, no edit-version, no maxi-single.

  • february 27, 1998
    It finally happened. John Fogerty got his Grammy! Congratulations to John and Julie!
    more info:
    This comes from Lisa Taylor, John's sister-in-law, who talked to John's wife Julie Fogerty over the phone. She mailed this to the Swamp list, but I wanted to show it up here as well because lots of regular visitors come by here every day:

    To all of John's Fans:
    I just hung up the phone from talking with my sister Julie. I read several of your messages to her and conveyed to them all of your messages regarding John's win last night. She asked me to send along thanks to all of you for your good wishes. Also, she said thanks for your years of unconditional support and believing in John in good and bad times. She said that without the fans John wouldn't be where he is today. She said that the fans are what it's all about. All John has ever wanted to do was make good music for his fans and the world. He is really excited about his Grammy win. He is ready to hit the road again and keep up the momentum.


    And it doesn't end there: Alex posted this to the Swamp list:
    These two days at Warner ofcourse mean the taping of the new live cd!

  • february 21, 1998
    OK, some news!!
    It has been confirmed that John WILL tour this summer. It is also known that this tour will include more than just the States. Nothing more it known at this time, but plans are being made as we speak, so let's just hang on a little longer.
    John's new record 'Premonition' will be released on the Reprise label, NOT Warner. This was made official Feb 20,1998.
    VH1 will televise the Grammy nominees as they arrive at the Grammy's , so stay tuned for Julie and John.

    Also, a little report coming from Billboard:
    "Rock guitarist John Fogerty has been chosen to receive the 1998 Orville H. Gibson Lifetime Achievement Award.
    The solo artist and founder of Creedence Clearwater Revival will receive his honor at a ceremony scheduled to be held Feb. 24 at the Hard Rock Cafe in New York.
    VH1 VJ John Fugelsang will host the star-studded event, whose proceeds will benefit the Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Foundation, which helps severely handicapped children through the use of improvisational music. Previous recipients of the Gibson Lifetime Achievement Award include B.B. King, Emmylou Harris, and Vince Gill."

  • january 21, 1998
    John's live record is now officially named. It will be called 'Premonition'. It will hopefully be released around the first of April! (this is no joke) :)

    Creedence Clearwater Revisited tour dates:
    Tour dates for Germany: [thanks to Peter Koers for the info]

    All dates in JUNE:
    8 Hamburg
    9 Magdeburg
    10 Berlin
    12 Kamenz
    13 Wernesgrün
    14 München
    16 Halle
    17 Hannover
    19 Bonn
    20 Offenbach
    21 Steinbach
    23 Stuttgart
    24 Nürnberg

  • november 20, 1997
    John Fogerty will receive a lifetime achievement award from the National Academy of Songwriters. This will take place on December 3rd and Robbie Robertson, Quincy Jones, and Ashford and Simpson will also receive the award. John will perform at a benefit concert at the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel.
    John's good friend, Don Henley will be presenting the award. John was also recently nominated for induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

  • august 8, 1997
    Attention Dutch readers:
    John Fogerty will be on VPRO Radio, Thursday August 14, from 22:00 till 00:00.
    There will be an interview, live songs and ofcourse BMS songs...

  • august 3, 1997
    John Fogerty will be on Jay Leno's Tonight Show on August 11. Set those VCR's
    European viewers can see this show one day later (August 12) at 22:00 CET (thanks Thomas Kristiansson for this info)

  • july 28, 1997
    2nd Euro tour 1997 details revealed:
    The opening leg of the big Euro tour will be in Dublin on 16th October. London and Manchester (at least) to follow, and then its back to mainland Europe and Scandinavia.

  • july 23, 1997
    The court has decided that Stu and Doug are allowed to use the name 'Creedence Clearwater Revisited' until the injunction is settled. They promptly changed their name back , so look out for 'Creedence Clearwater Rivisited' again.

  • july 19, 1997
    European viewers: John Fogerty will be on Conan O'Briens show TODAY (Saturday , July 19) at 23:00 CET on NBC
    Set those video-recorders ready! He'll perform 'Blueboy', 'Born on the Bayou' and 'Southern Streamline'. It will be an excellent show.

    John has just finished making a video for 'Southern Streamline' so this looks like being the next single.

    Site update (June 29, 1997)
    The report of our visit to Roskilde and Hamburg is now online ! Go read it, quick

    Blue Moon Swamp only climbed one spot this week (now you see what happens when I leave the country) so now it's at 19.

  • june 19, 1997
    Dana Doak saw the complete video from 'Walking In A Hurricane'. He wrote this little description:

    I finally caught John's WIAH video on VH-1. It was preceded by an interview clip of John, perhaps culled from his upcoming "Storytellers" program. This video is different than any of John's prior ones, primarily in that it includes kind of a background story, for want of a better description. The video has John and his road band performing the tune (lipsyncing the album cut) in a rather dimly lit dive of a lounge with cracked plaster walls. John looks like he might have used a few little dabs of Brylcreme in his hair :-). The video's "story" appears to involve a couple of seedy looking guys sitting in the lounge's red vinyl booths and jockeying for position with an attractive hussy. Later the woman goes out on the floor in front of the band and begins dancing, kinda slow and slinky. More lounge patrons are now visible in the booths, including a blonde lady who I believe is played by John's wife, Julie. Near the end of the song, some fella takes this woman by the hand to either dance or leave. But then the video abruptly changes gears and becomes a video documentary: the picture wobbles a bit in cinema verite style, cameras and boom mikes are now seen, and Julie (this is definitely her now) walks up to John with her back to the camera and kisses him. Then when she turns around and her face comes into view, the shot freezes, revealing Julie in an attractive low cut black dress. Then fade-out.

    All in all, a most intriguing video from John.

  • june 9, 1997
    BMS continues to sell in Holland. Now at 59 (from 98). There is hope for us.

  • june 1, 1997
    John Fogerty will be in Germany on June 23 in Hamburg at WEA Records for a press conference. It's not open for the public, just for press people. Unfortunately there is still no concertdate yet for John in Germany. thanks to Peter Koers for this info.

    Blue Moon Swamp is now #1 in: Sweden and Finland. It entered the Dutch charts at #98. We've got no taste :)

  • may 29, 1997
    There's a contest in this weeks 'OOR' magazine from Warner concerning the w@rning campaign and you can win a 'John Fogerty Lumberjack Shirt'. I don't know what they mean with this, but I'm sure going to enter the compo!

    European fans will be glad to hear that the 'Walking in a Hurricane' single is CONFIRMED! No release date yet, but this is the catalogue #: 936-2438-892
    Order it because it contains two non-album tracks: "Endless sleep" and "Just Pickin".

    Blue Moon Swamp hit no.1 in Sweden. What a country!

  • may 17, 1997
    More news on the W@RNING campaign:
    The album features in this campain and BMS is advertised on the radio at KINK FM and 3FM, ads in magazines, in store displays and a TV special in 'Lola-Da-Musica' on dutch TV.
    I don't know to what countries this campain will extend but all this is sure to happen in Holland.

  • april 23, 1997
    Release info, tour info, comments by John Fogerty himself on the album and press reviews ! Courtesy of Swedish evening magazine Kvallsposten April 12, 1997
    Catalogue number for the album: Warner/WEA 45426. The European release date will (probably) be May 16th! Start saving your pennies, men.

    Extra tour info :
    The touring band will include:
    Bob Glaub - bass (on album as well)
    Kenny Aronoff - drums (on album as well)
    Greg Leisz - lap steel guitar
    Johnny Lee Schnell - guitar
    and possibly others as well.

    Quotes from John on the album :
    ''When I visited Mississippi it was also the start of my own awakening. A process which had then followed the recordings of this album. Suddenly I had found the place where I should be''
    "My heros when I was young was James Burton and Don Rich from Buck Owens band. Spectacular and tasteful at once."

    ''Centerfield took a long time since I did everything myself. I even learned to play the instruments I hadn't played before. This time I wanted to do it the opposite way. I put together a four piece band, but after playing together a couple of weeks I relised that this format also had it's limitations. so I started to look again and picked the musicians that fit each particular song.''
    ''After the Eye of The Zombie album I did a tour but after that I retired. It was during this period that I met my wife, had a couple of kids and I stayed in contact with the musicbusiness by producing Duke Tomato, a roadhouse band from the mid-west. But a lot of the time I had a feeling I hadn't come far enough as a musician. so I packed my bags and traveled down to Mississippi, wrote down my impressions, read alot and listened to the local music. I went back there 5-6 times.''
    ''It's fantastic when you think about it how many great musicians that come from such a small part of this country.''

    And here are some quotes from the press :
    ''An album that makes us forget about Eye of The Zombie and which shows us a more mature side of Fogerty. But there's also hints of Creedence , Blue Ridge Rangers and his first solo album from 1975''
    ''This time he's taken us on a journey to to both Louisianas swamps, the sun-epok in Memphis, 60's r&b in Alabama and early country. An album that will stand as a model for the late 90's No Depression bands.''
    ''Already in the intro to Southern Streamline he's hooking his old fans as well as taking a new generation in his grip. It's classic Fogerty but this time the rythm-section is tighter at the same time as John is showing of his brilliance as one of James Burtons most talented disciples as well as playing the dobro and pedal steel''
    ''But there are also songs that are more like classic Creedence. Rambunctious Boy was meant as a classic country song but Fogerty thought it was too much country so he started over again. The result is the type of country rock that Creeedence were the masters of.''
    ''But already in the next track, Joy of My Life, his first real lovesong, in this case dedicated to his wife Julie, he does antic style hillbilly country with dobro and acoustic guitar''

    Some info courtesy of Dana Doak. Thanks man.
    So, as things now stand, here are the titles of the 12 songs on John Fogerty's forthcoming album entitled BLUE MOON SWAMP in the order that they will appear on the CD:
    1.   Southern Streamline
    	2.   Hot Rod Heart
    	3.   Blueboy
    	4.   110 In The Shade
    	5.   Rattlesnake Highway
    	6.   Bring It Down To Jellyroll
    	7.   Walking In A Hurricane
    	8.   Swamp River Days
    	9.   Rambunctious Boy
    	10.  Joy Of My Life
    	11.  Blue Moon Nights
    	12.  Bad Bad Boy
    Here is some more detailed info, courtesy of Peter Koers:
    No saxophone nor mouthharp used, 1 song with keyboards, Booker T and the MG's on at least one song, lots of guitars and dobro music sounding in the "Green River" mould.

  • march 13, 1997
    It's offical! John Fogerty's new CD will be released on May 20, 1997! Note that this is a US release date and the European release will be some time after that.
    The title of the new CD will be: Blue Moon Swamp. I sure like that title, makes me feel like it's 1969 again...
    It's almost certain that a large scale tour will follow, including European dates. More news when I get it.

  • february 4, 1997
    Just recieved the message that John has completed his new CD and all the masters are in hands of Warner Brothers now. Now it is up to Warner to set a release date for the album.
    As we all know, it is a lot of work for the recordcompany to prepare for that release date, but at least we're talking months, not years !!!!

  • januari 19, 1997
    According to a fax from Bob Fogerty on December 27 ''Warner Brothers will have something to say about John Fogerty by the end of January''. The fax also said that ''THE CD will be on Warner Brothers in Germany''.

    Will Warner Brothers anounce the new CD from John, which will be on WB in Germany!? HAPPY NEWYEAR indeed.

  • december 24, 1996
    It looks like the new John Fogerty album is nearing completion now. Julie Fogerty says the "final mixing" is being done on the last few songs of John's album and, therefore, it looks like a March or April release date is in the cards. Apparently, Warner Brothers (John's label) has been "pushing" him to move things along as they really want to get the album out. In addition, it appears that sometime shortly before or after the album's release, WB will be setting up an "official" John Fogerty web page.

  • october 22, 1996
    This was in today's (Tueday, Oct. 22) Philadelphia Inquirer, Newsmakers Section: Creedence Clearwater Revival ex-members Stu Cook and Doug Clifford have been rebuffed in a Federal Court in LA in their efforts to revive the group. They sought to organize the something called Creedence Clearwater Revisited, but ex-member John Fogerty got an injunction against them. The band split up in 1972, and its members have been at odds since.

  • august 6, 1996
    . . . in the current [rolling stone] issue (#741) on page 36 in the "Grapevine" section, quote:

    "Original CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL frontman JOHN FOGERTY reportedly is suing former band members STUART COOK and DOUGLAS CLIFFORD because they continue to use the band's name and have been touring with a singer whose voice is eerily similar to Fogerty's. Fogerty is said to be seeking damages and an injunction against the use of the name." - Matt Hendrickson

  • may 15, 1996
    Creedence Clearwater Revisited - not Revival - is on the road, the latest chapter in what is probably one of the ugliest feuds in rock music. It's going 25 years strong now with no signs of abating.
    Creedence Clearwater Revival records are still selling 2 million copies a year. The songs John Fogerty created in that band have proved that they're timeless. It would be easy to dismiss Creedence Clearwater Revisited - CCR without Fogerty - as just a ripoff, just like the bands that have traveled under the names Foghat, Guess Who and others.
    But bassist Stu Cook and drummer Doug ''Cosmo'' Clifford could have done this back in '74. They could have reaped a fortune any number of times. Instead, they worked on side projects, hoping Fogerty would come around. They didn't want to come to this.

    ''Why we didn't do it years ago? I guess it just wasn't right,'' Cook said. ''But after waiting around for 24, 25 years to see if John Fogerty could get over whatever's bothering him, we decided it was time for us to do something about it.
    ''We're half a century old, give or take a couple of minutes. What do we want to do? We like to play. We don't want to start with a brand new project on the ground floor. Why should we?'' Cook said. ''If John doesn't want to play it, that's fine. He can do whatever he wants. We want to play this music.''

    Replacing Fogerty in the reconstituted band is sound-alike singer John Tristao. Rounding out the band are former Cars guitarist Elliot Easton and keyboardist and acoustic guitarist Steve Gunner. To outsiders the feud looks pointless. The band's legal problems were long ago ironed out and the members even played together at their high school reunion back in 1983.

    ''Doug and I would like to think we're on the inside and we can't figure it out either,'' Cook said. ''Every time we hear from John it's just a rage. He's just not interested in putting the past behind him or coming to grips with it.''
    ''There was a lot of hope'' that the trio would re-form, Cook said. Such a regrouping would not only be great for the fans, but it would reap a fortune. But those hopes pretty much disappeared three years ago, when Fogerty refused to put their differences aside to perform even two songs at CCR's induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Cook and Clifford watched from the audience as Bruce Springsteen and others backed Fogerty instead. Resigned to the idea that they can never play their music with Fogerty, they'll now play it themselves.

    ''I haven't spoken with him about this. I imagine he's not very thrilled about it. I hope that he understands that we're not doing this to hurt him,'' Cook said.

    Bob Fogerty, John's brother, who handles some of his business affairs, said Fogerty can't believe this is happening.
    ''I would hope that nobody would be fooled by this whole thing, fooled in the sense that they think John is performing with this 'Revisited' thing,'' Bob Fogerty said. Since the new project hired a Fogerty sound-alike to sing the songs, people have been coming up to Bob Fogerty thinking John was involved, he said.

    For those who really want to hear the Creedence songs, hang tough. The notoriously slow Fogerty is putting the finishing touches on his latest solo album and fully plans to be out on the road - singing solo and Creedence songs - before the year is out, Bob Fogerty said. It would be his first tour in 10 years.
    ''He's been fine-tuning his album that he hopes to have out and tour behind within the year,'' he said. ''The songs are wonderful. They sound like John Fogerty songs.''