Premonition '98 TOUR REVIEWS

I call on you, the reader of these pages. If you visit any of John's concerts and want to share your thoughts with other fans, please e-mail me your review and I will stick it in here! See you on the road.

april 25, 1998: New Orleans by Tom Dirkx.
april 25, 1998: New Orleans by Phyllis DeMers.
july 2, 1998: New York by Tom Dirkx.
july 3, 1998: Hershey by Steve Dincau.
july 26, 1998: New World Music Theatre by Ken Hoekstra.
aug. 1, 1998: Little Rock by Tom Dirkx.
sept. 14, 1998: Spektrum, Oslo by Erik Osterud.

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Premonition ad from 'People' magazine 5/25/98.