the List Charter

This is the text file you recieve when you join the list. It contains the simple rules we want you to take into account when joining. These rules exist so we all can have a civilised forum.

For the convenience of all subscribers, we ask that you follow the
simple guidelines below:

1) No abusive language towards fellow list members or towards ex-Creedence
   members.  If a list member does get into a personal argument with other
   members, all people involved will be asked to take it to private e-mail.
   This is a John Fogerty mailing list, but we want to remain civil and
   respectable to everyone's opinion even if it differs from our own.
2) This list tries to focus on the music of John Fogerty. Off-topic posts 
   are to be avoided.  Members are trusted to use their own judgement in
   this matter, but if a thread gets too off-topic then the list manager
   reserves the right to request that the mail be taken private.
3) We ask that members avoid one-line posts like "Great post!" or "I
   agree with you!"  We ask that posts like the above be sent privately
   for the convenience of all list members and to keep list traffic from
   getting too high.
4) We ask that members avoid announcing or trading illegal recordings
   (so called 'bootlegs') publically on the list.
5) The list management is not responsible for the opinions expressed
   by the list members on the list.
6) Information originating from this list is public domain. We would
   appreciate a credit, though.
7) This list is a joint effort of several John Fogerty fans.  All
   list decisions will be made by the group rather than just one
   person.  The e-mail addresses are at the bottom of the list www pages.
   Contact us if you have any questions or comments.
8) Send your contributions for the list to this address:

Thank you for joining John Fogerty's Swamp Mailing List.  We
hope you find this mailing list both fun and informative.  Feel free to
contribute whatever you can.  Enjoy your time in the swamp and keep on